We’re dedicated to providing brands a platform that showcases a clear message to a captive and targeted audience, while delivering an asset to venues that monetizes an often overlooked area of their establishment. Fans and visitors routinely visit the restrooms of live sports and entertainment venues, and we saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the space with cutting-edge technology that drives new value to advertisers and venues alike.



Formerly Sitting Duck Advertising, iSite Media was founded upon the idea of transforming live venue restrooms into a more convenient, enjoyable experience for guests. In fact, the original plan was to manufacture shelves to provide guests with a sanitary place to set their belongings. However, before these plans came into fruition, we realized that incorporating an advertising element would make the product more profitable for venues and more entertaining for visitors. Thus, Sitting Duck humbly began its journey in the restroom print advertising industry and partnered with a number of bars, restaurants, and fitness facilities across the St. Louis area. Years of testing and market research, combined with a drive to continually improve and modernize our platform, led to a complete product overhaul in 2017.

Rebranded and renamed, we shifted from print advertising to an advanced digital signage platform that provides a more interactive and engaging experience for visitors, precise impression metrics for advertisers, and a capital improvement for venues. We also shifted our focus from smaller, local venues to heavy traffic sports and entertainment complexes, installing our revamped displays exclusively in venues with average monthly visitors of 100,000 or more. By quickly establishing successful partnerships throughout the NCAA and NHL, our network acquired immediate notoriety in the sports industry and is expanding nationally into various other types of venues.